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5 best tools to keep your dog busy at home

There are many different ways to keep your dog busy at home. We will tell you why it makes sense to keep your dog busy at home and how you will have a lot of fun while training and playing together.

What are the benefits of keeping your dog busy at home?

Dogs are social creatures and love to spend time together with their families. This includes dog walks, playing and training together at home. In order to improve your dog’s physical and mental condition, you should keep them busy at home. Activities such as brain games, nose work or small exercises from basic training strengthen the bond between you and your dog and improve their comprehension. Regular exercises or tricks can also improve your dog’s mobility and fitness and ensure a sustainable improvement in their health. We show you how you can keep your dog busy at home!


So that the time together is fun for you and your dog, make sure that you do not overstrain your dog and also yourself. Several small exercise units of about 5 minutes a day are better than one long unit. Always remain friendly to your dog and always stop when it is at its most enjoyable. This way, your dog’s motivation and your own remains at its highest and you will be looking forward to the next time you spend time together.

1. playing together

Dogs love to play with other dogs and their owner! You can play with your dog either with a toy, such as a rope toy, or you can play with your dog on a physical basis. When playing tug-of-war, make sure that your dog sometimes is allowed to win and get the rope. This is the only way your dog will enjoy the game. For physical play, we can use different game signals, e.g. real smile, creeping up in a low position or approaching and running away to challenge your dog to play. Make sure that the game really remains a game. If your dog becomes too wild, you stop the game. Immediately afterwards, however, you give your dog a chance to make up for it by asking them to play again, and this time end it before it gets too wild.

2. Nosework

The dog nose is a true high performance organ! No question that nosework is probably one of the best opportunities to keep your furry friend busy! There are several ways to challenge your dog’s nose. For example, hide a few treats in your apartment and let your dog search for them. If this is already too boring for your dog, you can also hide toys or other items. Even searching and retrieving a dummy is a great way to encourage your little friend’s nose and obedience.

3. Intelligence games

Meanwhile you can find various intelligence games for dogs in every pet supply store. Most of them are designed in such a way that you hide food in different hiding places, like drawers or under small hats, which your dog should then open. At the beginning it is recommended to choose a light variant of these games, where your dog only has to move a lever, drawer or hat to get the reward. If your dog is more trained, you can use more difficult games where your dog may have to press a button with the paw before your dog can open the drawer with the nose.

4. Tricks

Trickdogging is becoming more and more popular among dog owners and this for good reason. The advantage of dog tricks is that you hardly need any tools or extra space. Therefore, they are perfect for the training at home. In addition, they promote your dog’s mobility and strengthen your bond through shared experiences of success. If you are a trick beginner, it is best to start with a few simple tricks that your dog already shows in everyday life, e.g. lying on their side, turning in circles or laying their head down. Then you can slowly improve your skills.

5. Basic obedience

Also basics obedience should be trained from time to time. The great thing is that you can easily build them into your everyday life. For example, let your dog sit for a while before eating and wait until you give them food. Practice reliable drop it with your dog while you playing a rope game together. Prepare your dog for the next visit to the vet with the help of Medical Training and make sure your furry friend has less anxiety and stress.

Become a dream team

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By Sarah Mertes

Certified dog trainer

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