How does my dog learn with Brain and Game?

Have you ever wished to understand your dog better? In our new category Brain&Game you get the chance to get to know your dog even better. You will learn in which different ways he can learn, support him to become a solution finder, strengthen his self-confidence and get the chance to bring your human-dog-bond to a new level.

What can you expect in Brain&Game?

Brain&Game contains training videos that will boost your dog’s cognitive skills. There are tasks that train your dog’s dexterity, such as placing an object in a box or finding treats from a hiding place. Other tasks teach you new social learning skills such as imitation learning or asking for help. And still, other exercises show you how good your dog’s nose is. Of course, as usual, there are also exercises for the general basic training of your dog, but your dog should definitely be familiar with the exercises from the category “puppy training” before.

How do I choose the exercises?

You can intuitively choose the training you want to start in this category. It makes sense if your dog has already learned the basic commands sit, down, and a reliable recall, so you have it easier in many exercises to collect the first sense of achievement. In addition, you can combine some training units super e.g. ” learning vocabulary ” and ” cleaning up “. How cool would it be if your dog would put his teddy away on your command!

The fun comes first!

Since these training videos are based on basic training and are only meant to be fun and to further your human-dog bond, it is very important that you are friendly with your dog. Try not to pressure him and take enough time for the exercises. It is absolutely not a bad thing if your dog takes longer to understand something. Just keep going and set aside maybe 2 days a week to train with your dog for 5-10 minutes.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us in the trainer chat if you have any questions about the training videos or any other concerns with your dog. We look forward to hearing from you ☺️.

Have fun with Brain&Game

Your Pupy Team 🐶

By Sarah Mertes

Certified dog trainer