The Ultimate Office-Dog Guide

Office dogs are no longer a rarity. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that office dogs have many benefits, like putting employees in a better mood, as well as making them more motivated and open on the job.

To help get your dog and even your colleagues used to the new “office dog” situation, we’ve come up with a checklist of all the things your dog will need for a day at the office.

A Set ‘Spot’

A spot for your dog, such as a basket, bed, or dog box, is important so that it has a safe spot to relax. This doubles as a place to send your dog when your colleagues come to chat or if you need to take a call without being disturbed.

Food and Water Bowls

A fixed spot for food and water bowls is just as important. You dog needs to be fed during the lunch break too!

Things to Chew On

A day at work can certainly drag on, so it’s a good idea to offer your dog different things to keep occupied. Chewables are a great choice. Not only will it tire your dog out and keep it feeling full, it’s also a stress-relieving pastime.


A tug toy or a ball are great for playing with your dog during your breaks. Playing together is also a fantastic icebreaker for your dog and your colleagues.

A Place to Wee

Before your dog comes to the office for the first time, you should definitely scope out the area for a park or field nearby where your dog can do its business, so as to avoid long trips to and from the office during the day.

Doggy Bags

Always keep a couple of doggy bags in the office in case you leave them at home, just to be safe.

Treat Jar

Set up a jar of treats at your desk. This way, it’ll always be within arm’s reach if you ever need to quickly reward your dog for its good behaviour, or one of your colleagues just wants to give your dog a treat!

By Sarah Mertes

Certified dog trainer