Why a jackpot reward is so important

In dog training, the motto is: “If a behavior leads to success, it will be shown just as strongly, more strongly, and/or more frequently in an identical or similar situation”. This means, for example, that your dog will react more often and faster to your recall signal if he has made the experience that this behavior leads to success, e.g. a special reward and a happy owner. The more your dog expects the sense of achievement, the more reliably he will respond to the recall.

What is the Jackpot Reward?

The jackpot reward is a reward that your dog gets rarely and only for particularly good performance, so the grand prize, so to speak! The 1st place for the fastest recall!

Why do we use a jackpot reward for recall?

Recall for your dog usually means giving up something he is doing, such as romping with dog friends, following the scent of a rabbit, or just exploring the area. So, to make it worthwhile for your dog to give up these great things, the recall should be promising for your dog. You can do this with a great reward that your dog can’t expect apart from a super great performance in training and just the recall.

How do I find the right jackpot reward?

A jackpot reward should be something your dog loves. It doesn’t matter if it’s food, a toy, or a game you and your dog play together. But the important thing is to find out which of these things is at the top of your dog’s priority list. In our app, under the category “Recall training”, you will find a video tutorial on how such a test can look like.

By Sarah Mertes

Certified dog trainer