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How do I find the right dog for me?

“How do I find the best dog for me?” – a question that many future dog owners ask themselves. The decisions about whether it should be a big or small dog, a puppy or an adult dog, a breed dog or a mixed breed and whether the dog should come from a breeder or from animal welfare, are not so easy and should be decided in any case with careful.

In this article you will find many tips and ideas that will help you find the perfect dog for life!

Big or small dog?

It’s a question of style, isn’t it? Not exactly, because most of the time there is much more behind the size of the dog than just the visual aspect. The statement “Big dogs need more exercise than small dogs.” is a myth. Depending on breed and personality, the need for movement can vary and can be further stimulated by training. One advantage of small dogs, is certainly that they have less weight. Air travel and also train rides with a small dog are therefore cheaper and certainly more practical than, for example, with a big Great Dane. Big dogs give you a sense of security for it, not for nothing were breeds, such as the German shepherd, Rottweiler, or also herd protection dogs gladly held on farms, they have a lot of strength are robust and deter not only burglars. Also with regard to a common hobby it is worthwhile to weigh up in which size class you want to play. Sports that require a lot of physical strength, e.g. pulling dog sports, are unsuitable for small breeds. With regard to the size of your dog, think carefully about how your everyday life with the dog can look like and compare how you would deal with dogs of different sizes.

Puppy or adult dog?

Of course puppies are cute, but they also mean a lot of work in the early days. Puppies are very time consuming in the first few weeks, so it’s a good idea to take at least 3 weeks of vacation after your puppy has moved in. During this time it is important to train your puppy and make him familiar with your everyday life. Housetraining and staying alone are important things to focus on in addition to building a stable human-dog bond during the first few weeks with a puppy. The beauty of a puppy is that it is unselfconscious and can share most experiences with you. You’ll gradually grow together into a real team.

With an adult dog, you are spared the time-consuming puppy period, but even a dog from second hand or from animal welfare needs your attention in the early days. Although it is usually housebroken, it still needs time to get used to life with you, depending on its history. Especially a dog with a bad history may need intensive training or behavior therapy, you should be aware of this fact. However, there is nothing to stop you from giving a shelter dog the chance to live a new, happier life with you by his side!

Think about which dog fits into your life!

No matter whether puppy, young dog, senior, animal protection dog or race dog, consider, which dog fits into your life! Inform yourself about dog breeds that you like and possibly consult breeders who can tell you more about the nature of the breed. Find out about the dog you like at the shelter and arrange a trial walk to get to know your potential new furry friend better. Also animal welfare organizations from abroad, can advise you on the phone about the character of their protégés, use this information and decide only then for an adoption.

No matter which way you find to your perfect dog in your life, we from Pupy will help you on your way to a human-dog-team!

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By Sarah Mertes

Certified dog trainer

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