Innovative and smart dog training with Pupy

Pupy is the vision of innovative and smart dog training that improves the relationship between humans and dogs. Out of love for dogs and the passion for behavioral research, the idea was born to develop an app that makes dog training possible for every dog owner according to the latest scientific research.

Due to many years of experience as a professional dog trainer and dog owner Sarah Mertes knows exactly how difficult it is for dog owners to train their dog outside of a dog training area or to keep them busy and entertained otherwise. Insufficient challenge, overweight, abnormal behaviour or disobedience are the result. The problem: Classical dog training at the dog school for many people has become impractical or no longer realizable . Many dog owners would like to have the possibility to train their dog from home, so that they can combine family, everyday life, job and also spending time with their dog.

Sarah and her team asked themselves the question, how they could make the knowledge from a classic dog school mobile without loosing quality. Soon they came up with the idea to create a digital product, something like an online course. But how could an online course on the computer be taken along on a

daily walk? No, it had to be something smaller, a dog trainer for your pocket, an app!

The Pupy App was born!

From Sarah’s passion as a dog trainer, her team of developers and designers and the consultation with biologists and veterinarians the app was born. This makes the combination of professional dog training, ideas to keep your dog busy and access to profound knowledge about dogs possible.

By Sarah Mertes

Certified dog trainer

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