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The 3 Best Tools in Dog Training

Who does not dream of a dog that trots attentively beside you without a leash. You don’t need a leash, no collar and everything seems free, carefree and harmonious between you.

That’s all well and good, but what happens if this dog, no matter how obedient, is suddenly startled by a loud noise? This dog runs across the street, a car hits him and he is badly injured? What if his owner and the veterinarians want to help him, but nobody can touch him because this dog suddenly snaps out of pain, even though he never did before? What if he gets a muzzle, but it stresses him so much that his body, already weakened by the accident, becomes even weaker?

At this moment the owner asks himself why he did not train his dog with any tools.

With which top 3 tools would this accident not have happened?

Tool no. 1 – The leash

The dog leash secures your dog!! The dog leash is not a compulsory measure! The dog leash is also not only for disobedient dogs! The dog leash secures your dog! A responsible dog owner leashes his dog at busy streets, at the breeding and setting time and as soon as other passers-by, children or leashed dogs approach. Why? Because it is safer for everyone! That is why keeping your dog on a leash is much more important than walking freely. Because only with a leash you can prevent your dog 100% from running into a dangerous situation uncontrolled.

Tool No.2 – The muzzle

Even dogs that are not allowed to bite learn to wear a muzzle without stress. Why? Because there can always be situations in life where your dog suddenly needs a muzzle. Whether at the vet, in public transport or because a muzzle is mandatory in your next vacation domicile. If you train the muzzle well and positively with your dog, it will not disturb your dog. This way you prevent stressful situations in which your dog might have to wear a muzzle.

Tool no. 3 – The Longline

Regardless of our story at the beginning, such an accident could have happened even if your dog is in free run and he has not yet mastered the reliable recall. But so that your dog is allowed to run and play freely at the beginning of his life and you can practice the reliable recall in a protected way, the longline is a great tool. It can be between 5 and 10 meters long and thus increases the radius of your dog.

You can learn how to use and train the tools correctly in our Pupy App. Download the app and benefit from the top 3 tools when training with your dog!

By Sarah Mertes

Certified dog trainer

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